Your Asset in Motion

ExchangeBase is your strategic partner to manage and sell large non-performing assets. We maximize the value of your assets by combining our industry expertise, our proprietary technology and our Marketplace of buyers comprised of resellers, liquidators, capital partners, demolition companies, scrap companies and auction houses.

A true asset to the seller, ExchangeBase manages the entire disposition process for the world's largest companies by developing and executing a comprehensive marketing plan, then connecting proven buyers to each project. This selling methodology allows us to successfully sell assets quickly and responsibly with the greatest return.


Representing the Seller

ExchangeBase is a strategic partner and solutions provider focused on managing the disposition of our seller's large assets through a proven process that is fast, responsible and valuable.

We specialize in the responsible disposition of large, complicated assets through our specialized B2B marketplace. These projects require customized, innovative solutions centered on the unique requirements that each project provides. Because of this, we rely on our proprietary processes and combined years of industry experience to most effectively dispose of the assets.

Proven and experienced members of the ExchangeBase Team independently manage the entire disposition process. Their role is to collect information, answer questions and to provide periodic market updates to the seller. We offer our sellers complete transparency through our platform to protect the seller and build trust throughout the asset disposition process.

We are a Seller's Agent
We are a Seller's Agent

We represent our seller's interests and requirements in the disposition of their surplus, idle or distressed assets.

Specializing in Large Deals
Large Deal Focused

We excel in the disposition of large, complicated assets that require special considerations and innovative solutions.

Results-driven Solutions
Results-driven Solutions

We are compensated by a commission structure centered on meeting and exceeding our seller's expectations.


Developing a Vision

We provide a comprehensive plan for each large project outlining how the assets will be presented to our Marketplace. This is critical in ensuring a unified vision for the project.

Each project begins with an onsite scope of the assets for sale by experienced Project Leaders from the ExchangeBase Team. From this initial scope, requirements, logistics, expectations, responsibilities and more are defined. This information is then supplemented with research, comparative pricing, strategy, industry knowledge and experience to develop a vision for how to most effectively present the assets to our Marketplace of buyers.

Once all information is gathered, a Seller's Project Packet (SPP) is created to provide the seller with a complete understanding of our vision for the project. This packet also includes asset lists, documents and terms associated with the project. Once the vision is approved by the seller, the project is constructed from the SPP, opened and marketed to the appropriate buyers.

Developing a Vision

Utilizing Our Services

Our services are designed to provide our sellers with the necessary tools to successfully sell the assets. We recommend specific services to best suit the needs of your unique project. These services have been developed to provide a complete solution to the disposition of our seller's large surplus assets, but are only utilized when the project requirements outline a need.

The services we may recommend or utilize for each project may include:

We will assess your assets during the scoping process and provide an estimated value.
We provide sample contracts and offer suggestions based on our combined experience.
We recommend bonds to protect our sellers in projects that require onsite contractor work.
We have relationships with some of the largest and leading rigging outfits in the industry.
We connect our sellers with the largest providers of post-sale professional technical services.

Accessing Our Platform

Our proprietary Platform provides us with the tools, visibility, processes and efficiency to effectively manage the entire sale process on our seller's behalf.

The ExchangeBase Platform was developed to streamline the daily operations of managing our business, while providing our sellers transparency into the disposition process. It also enables us to directly engage both the buyer and seller through their respective Online Centers.

Our Platform allows us to quickly sort through our database of thousands of proven buyers to create a connection between the buyer and the asset. Once this connection is made, we can then sort those connections to invite only the most qualified buyers to participate in the sale. Invited buyers can then view the assets and make offers through our Platform. If their offer is awarded, the winning buyer will receive an email notification once an invoice has been created and is available inside their Online Center.


Sellers receive a complimentary Asset Catalog to increase asset visibility enterprise-wide. This features a free internal redeployment tool for effective reuse of the asset.


Our software Platform connects the appropriate buyers to the assets, allowing us to quickly locate the appropriate buyers in our global Marketplace.


Our Platform provides sellers with complete transparency and access to all related project documents and historical invoices, protecting the interests of the seller.


Leveraging Our Marketplace

While we function primarily as a seller's agent, we also serve the needs of our Marketplace of buyers. We offer our buyers an unprecedented access to purchase assets from some of the world's largest companies, directly from the source. We are constantly refining our buyer base to work with only the most active and trusted resellers, liquidators, capital partners, demolition companies and auction houses across the globe. These buyers are assigned an exclusive ExchangeBase buyer representative to assist with answering questions, making offers, coordinating site visits and more.

The services we offer our Marketplace of buyers include:

Present the Assets
Packaging Assets
Market to Buyers
Marketing to Buyers
Manage Site Visits
Managing Site Visits
Negotiate Offers
Negotiating Offers
Assist with Logistics
Logistics Assistance

Moving Assets Quickly

Our model utilizes a rapid disposition cycle to sell assets quickly, to minimize asset depreciation and market fluctuations. Our goal is to sell assets quickly and responsibly with the greatest return.

The project time frame consists of five parts: Project Identification, Pre-Sale, Sale, Post-Sale Closing and Post-Sale Project. Pre-Sale, Sale and Post-Sale Closing are considered the active parts of the Sale process.

  1. Project Identification – the seller identifies assets to be sold.
  2. Pre-Sale – physical scoping of the assets and requirements are defined.
  3. Sale – the assets are marketed to our buyers and offers are accepted.
  4. Post-Sale Closing – final contracts are signed and funds are transferred.
  5. Post-Sale Project – assets are removed/project is completed.